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Douglass T. Lind, Founding Partner

Dr. Lind is a founder and managing partner of The Sigma Group of America. His specialty is executive coaching and his 40 years of experience has been with individuals at the general management level – CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, Group Executives, Division Presidents and others on the senior team.

A significant part of his coaching has been with executives and professionals who are making a huge leap forward in their careers. Also, he has worked with those highly valuable senior individuals who have an area in need of correction, yet are already important contributors. He focuses on strengths that can be developed. He is known for his ability to link strategy, corporate purpose and organizational mission with the growth of the individual being coached.

Since 1968, Dr. Lind has worked as a general management consultant and combines his business knowledge with his understanding of human behavior. His clients have included many of the largest industrial companies, financial services institutions, packaged goods companies and professional service firms. Additionally, he has consulted and coached in the not-for-profit sector in higher education and the Church.

In his work as a general management consultant he has concentrated on strategic planning and competitive analysis, organization and operations studies, compensation reviews and industrial marketing.

Doug’s work as a consultant and a coach has led to extensive experience in conflict management, partnership counseling, team building, executive assessment and succession planning.  Additionally, Dr. Lind has a few start-ups and high growth young companies in his practice each year.

Dr. Lind was educated at Harvard where he received his Baccalaureate Degree with Honors. Additionally he holds degrees in theology, psychoanalysis and pastoral care and counseling. After 40 years as a Presbyterian Minister he is now an Episcopal Priest and a certified psychoanalyst.

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Human Capital Strategy

It is critical to link your human capital strategy to your overarching business strategy. Understanding of these Key elements help to create an effective human capital strategy.

  • Overarching business strategy
  • Vision, Values and Culture
  • Current and Future Talent needed
  • Leadership competencies
  • Team competencies
  • Performance metrics
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Organization design
  • Change management

- Lynn Schuster, Partner

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