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Advice and counsel to CEO’s and Boards

Corporate Governance

Sigma provides advice and counsel to CEO’s and board chairs, committee chairpersons,
lead directors, CFO’s and board members, on issues related to the duties of directors
and the roles and responsibilities of those participating in the work of corporate

Advisory services

Preparing for and implementing value creation initiatives to move an entrepreneurial firm from that phase of the business to a more sophisticated professionally managed organization. Refocusing vision and strategy, addressing governance issues, short medium and long term incentives refinements and preparing for next stage of financing. Exploring buy vs. build options, and making acquisitions.

Business and Leadership Coaching

Sigma provides advice, counsel and coaching to senior executives on a broad range of business and leadership related topics acting as trusted advisors with the sole purpose of enabling the executives continuing success. Our process will enable senior leaders to reinforce and apply coaching skills as leaders of leaders and to maximize the individual’s and their team performance and to drive improved business results.

Family Business Consulting

Family business consulting presents unique challenges.  The Sigma Group engagements have encompassed succession planning, coaching of candidates from the next generation to succeed in leadership, governance and the distribution of ownership as well as roles and responsibilities of key family and non-family members.

A key characteristic of The Sigma Group is that consulting is conducted as a team approach.  We have specialists with finance, corporate governance, change management, sales and marketing, human behavior and communications backgrounds.  The Sigma Group is able to provide a world class multidisciplinary team in each of these disciplines with as few as two people dedicated to each engagement.

Family businesses place demands on members to participate in a variety of roles – business owner, employee and family member.  Changes in a family firm often shake up previously established patterns of behavior as power, prestige, role definitions and self esteem are altered.  Our consultants are experienced in helping our clients navigate the terrain as they experience and make changes to improve the health and longevity of their businesses.

Executive Coaching to CEO’s, CFO’s, Group Executives, Division Presidents and LOB heads

Sigma’s C-suite executive coaching provides confidential advice, counsel and coaching to enterprise leaders in an environment free of any concern but the continuing success of the leader.

Executive/Leader Assessment

Sigma’s Executive/Leader assessment provides the individual and the organization with an understanding of the individual’s strengths, potential derailment factors and ability to lead in the current environment. In addition, the interpretation and consultation around the aggregated data is capable of raising one’s awareness and enhancing the effectiveness of the leader and in turn the organization for which they are responsible.

Merger and Acquisition Strategy

Executive Leadership and Acquisition Integration

Our Executive Leadership and Acquisition Integration initiatives will accelerate the transition of executive leaders and/or organizations in transition or at key inflection points. These efforts are focused on newly hired and acquired executives, executives transitioning into strategically significant positions and merger and acquisition integration.

Leadership and Management Consulting

Leadership alignment

Sigma partners work with you to improve corporate performance while and through
accelerating exceptional leadership. By aligning strategy and execution with vision,
you will create value for all stakeholders and help to determine the leadership
needed to drive the strategy.

Strategy Alignment

Sigma will provide the senior leadership team with the process and tools to help
clarify you organization’s business direction, align strategy and execution,
operationalize your strategy, define necessary change to achieve business results,
including roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and interdependencies.

Business and Growth Initiatives

Building High Performing Senior Teams

Sigma will provide the Senior Leadership Team with the necessary tools to create
a high performing team able to execute on their strategy and realize their long
term vision and deliver on their value proposition.

Business and Growth Initiatives

In the context of real work, these initiatives cross all areas of the business
to address challenges and opportunities that significantly impact value provided
to the client and long term business results. Assessing and enhancing the leadership
capabilities necessary to drive the desired result is also a central focus of
the initiative.

Client Facing Team Advisory Services

These services provide client facing executives and their teams with tools and
processes to ensure that the team is empowered with a singular focus on the client
relationship and on alignment with the clients strategic objectives and measurements.
Sigma will help the client facing team to develop vision and measures for managing
the client relationship, building the foundation for effective delivery of services,
and partnering with clients in new and innovative ways to align team purpose and
resources to provide optimum value.

Human Capital Strategy

It is critical to link your human capital strategy to your overarching business strategy. Understanding of these Key elements help to create an effective human capital strategy.

  • Overarching business strategy
  • Vision, Values and Culture
  • Current and Future Talent needed
  • Leadership competencies
  • Team competencies
  • Performance metrics
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Organization design
  • Change management

- Lynn Schuster, Partner

Executive Coaches

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