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Interview with Jim Wall, Global HR at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

1.  What are the key contributors to your success as the Global Managing Director, Talent and Chief Diversity Officer, DTTL? a)      What do you think it is about your leadership style that is most valued? I think it’s the commitment that … Continue reading

The Founder’s Dilemma

THE FOUNDER’S DILEMNA Small entrepreneurial companies have been the foundation for economic growth in the United States for generations.  Most of our new employment opportunities are created by such companies.  The founders of these companies are enterprising, risk taking energetic … Continue reading

The Execution Trap

The idea that execution is distinct from strategy has become firmly ensconced in management thinking over the past decade. So much so, in fact, that if you run a Google search for “A mediocre strategy well executed is better than … Continue reading

Sigma Thought Piece – Community

The Sigma Group has built its success and reputation on a commitment to the creation of communities of common interest. We know that success in life, in business and for organizations is dependent on the realization of our interdependence as … Continue reading