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About Us

About Us

The Sigma Group began 20 years ago as a partnership between a management consultant and his corporate client. We continue to model that today. The world of the corporation was changing –Right sizing had eliminated many levels of management who had developed relationships across functions and divisional lines. Companies had to manage through more internal conflict and competition to create and reach common goals and to implement strategies. The most senior executives had to deal more collaboratively with their peers where collaborative relationships had not existed before. Key decisions had greater impact than ever.

From the management consulting side, it was clear that some occasions required general management consulting engagements, but others were more effectively addressed by providing trusted and confidential advisors to a senior executive. The executive and the coach could think things through together. Sometimes the issue in coaching was to have a wise outside view and a sophisticated listening ear to think with the leader about key decisions. In other cases, the issue was how to lead the organization. In the latter circumstances, the executive coach helped the client understand her or his way of leadership from an independent perspective with a critical eye and the courage to tell the truth. Then client and coach could develop actions to strengthen the leadership of the executive being coached.

As Sigma has grown, the needs of our clients have always come first. With one of Sigma’s core beliefs being that coaching and leadership development is done in the context of “real work”, our coaches add capabilities that come from their experience working in corporate line of business functions. We partner with key executives around major initiatives to share what we know on the functional side and the leadership side. We engage actively with senior leaders to solve day to day problems. Two of our partners were responsible for executive development at two of the leading corporations in the world- a high tech company famed for its executive talent and a highly regarded professional service firm. We have deep experience in implementing merger integration strategies, working with leaders in transition, and Intervening in crisis situations. Working with client facing executives and their teams who are focused on aligning with their clients strategically to provide real value and forge strong relationships is a core capability. We have colleagues who have developed and led Partner Networks for major corporations. Our managing partner has years of experience understanding the financial structures of the companies he led or served as an investment banker, an investor, or a board member and owner. Additionally, although we began serving some of the largest corporations in the world, we also have deep experience with privately held companies, start-ups, and not-for-profits.

Sigma has increasingly understood how important it is to have both a qualitative and a quantitative view of the organizations we serve. Therefore, we bring to our marketplace a broad and deep understanding of what makes successful enterprises flourish and what makes leaders effective.

Human Capital Strategy

It is critical to link your human capital strategy to your overarching business strategy. Understanding of these Key elements help to create an effective human capital strategy.

  • Overarching business strategy
  • Vision, Values and Culture
  • Current and Future Talent needed
  • Leadership competencies
  • Team competencies
  • Performance metrics
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Organization design
  • Change management

- Lynn Schuster, Partner

Executive Coaches

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